Beyond Control Blockset® is a software addon designed for MATLAB® / Simulink® that enables the usage of supported hardware targets directly on Simulink® , intended for production purposes. As well, it can be used for prototyping too.

The models are executed autonomously on the target without further need of MATLAB® or being connected to the personal computer. Simulink® model resides permanently on the target, until user changes it with another model or deletes the generated firmware intentionally.

Beyond Control Blockset® also extends Simulink® functionality with Real Time multitasking features.

Beyond Control Blockset® provides an entire Model Based software development environment for each supported target.

The software comprises an entire Simulink® blockset that enables the usage of all peripherals and multitasking Real Time features, peripherals such CAN Bus, UART, SPI, I2C, analog outputs, analog inputs, PWM signal generation, Encoder inputs… create a new Real Time task… WiFi interface usage and configuration…  and Communication blocks for use in the computer (for Hardware in the Loop ) are provided:

Hardware in the Loop, Simulink, Embedded Coder Target, Software in the Loop


All the generated textual based code ( C language code of the model ) is compiled automatically using the included compiler and driver libraries on Beyond Control Blockset® . User doesn´t need to deal with third party development environment installations, libraries compatibility issues, or incompatibilities due to MATLAB® / Simulink® version mismatch.

The generated C source code from Beyond Control Blockset® is MISRA C compliant. Also the needed project files for the compiler development environment are provided, in case the user needs to examine it, test and debug or accomodate user legacy code:

MS3 Research Ltd., Antonio Flores Caballero, Compiler for WorkBench, Model Based development environment, Hardware in the Loop, Embedded target debug, Embedded Coder, MATLAB, Simulink


Lastly, the automatically compiled binary is flashed, again in an automatically way, into the target ROM memory and executed.

You Simulink® model is being executed in the exactly the same way as you expected, continous time solvers such Runge-Kutta are also supported without requiring user intervention.

WorkBench® is a roughness system that provides plenty of Input and Output interfaces, each interface is designed to resist severe conditions such shortcircuiting, current limiting, polarity reversal, voltage spikes… in a short term description, is a system designed for survivability. Device power input is also protected against voltage spikes, polarity reversal and current limited.

As well, this system is ideally suited for industrial or academic purposes, due to the provided enhanced reliability.

WorkBench® is generally presented in a plastic case (made in United Kingdom). Metal cases are provided under demand, due to user electromagnetic special requirements, these services are also covered.

Input and output interfaces are presented all in a single face, where the other face provide power input conector and one USB port with dual purposes, flashing the program and Plug&Play communication interface. There is a second USB interface on the peripherals face.

WorkBench® electronic systems composed of power, computational and conditioning signalling ones are designed and manufactured on Spain.

WorkBench® is a certificated product under CE and FCC marks.


This is a special revision of the WorkBench® device build based on Radiation Hardened components.

The computational unit is a low cost COTS processor, despite its low cost nature is a powerful processor system that uses an ARM Cortex M7 that includes Double floating point support running at 100 MHz.

The input and output interfaces are the same for the standard industrial and academic WorkBench®

There are two versions of Rad-Hard Workbench®, a version intended for research and development purposes, that is not qualified or radiation hardened proved, but provides the same processor and interfaces of the qualified one for a small fraction of the cost.

And a radiation hardened qualified version, from 100 krad to 300 krad versions, depends upon user needs.

The usage of this Radiation hardened Workbench® version covers from on Earth radiated sites, such waste treatment facilities or to being used as controller for radiation based medical devices. Also, flight qualified model is available for use on space, out of Earth scenarios.

Beyond Control Blockset® hardware support depends upon its version.

Currently Beyond Control Blockset® H7 supports WorkBench® device and STM32H743ZI® microcontroller based boards.

Obviously microcontroller based boards are cheaper option, but lacks many of the WorkBench® interfaces and roughness.

For example a STM32H743ZI® evaluation board provides only 2 analog outputs, and do not resist well shortcircuiting, overvoltage, voltage transients…  WorkBench® device provides 16 roughness analog inputs and 16 roughness analog outputs.

But due to Beyond Control Blockset® is intended for production purposes, the decision on hardware usage depends on user needs; the user can use the blockset for a custom hardware system.


In the case of Beyond Control Blockset® RH the support is intended for Rad-Hard Workbench® and provided peripherals.

The blockset also supports the standalone controller but the difference on the cost is almost negligible between Rad-Hard WorkBench® and evaluation boards, the real high cost in this case is the qualified version of the controller.


In order to use Beyond Control Blockset® the user needs a MATLAB® / Simulink® installation capable of generate code for embedded targets.

As second premise, user needs to be a licensed user of MS3 Research Ltd. software; the software checks validation license each time is used, daily basis validation is based on a USB based key, provided by MS3 Research Ltd., eliminating the need of internet connectivity. Thanks to this validation scheme, the software can be used on all engineering fields, any place, any location.

As completely opposed to other Simulink® hardware support blocksets,

Beyond Control Blockset® maintains its support for older MATLAB® / Simulink® versions:

-Starting from MATLAB® 2011b – Windows – 32 bits  to  MATLAB® 2020a – Windows – 64 bits


As well, its compatible with Windows XP (32 bits), Windows 7 (32 & 64 bits) and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits)



Beyond Control Blockset® and WorkBench® provides Internet of Things functionalities. These can be used in a dual manner:

  1. WiFi interface as an Access Point: In this way the user can visualize data and send data to the WorkBench®, data exchanging, via an user interface on an Android or Ios based device.
  2. WiFi interface for data exchange with a Cloud Server: WorkBench® can be connected to an existing internet connection, in order to send data (logging) and receive commands (optionally) via MQTT protocol.

WiFi functionalities are used and configured via provided Simulink® blocks, its a single click solution where user doesn´t need to write any hand coding program.

Beyond Control Blockset® H7 and RH versions support a set of targets.

However, customization of the blockset is possible via customer requirements;  if your company desires, a custom blockset for your favorite hardware target can be created almost from scracth.

This type of agreements are covered by the custom services programme.

If your company is specialized on develop Simulink® control models, or your company is interested only on deployment on a commercial target in order to commercialize the solution. Or your company is interested on develop a control system in a commercial target for your engineering problem.

In this case, you are searching for our custom services programme, where you need an engineering agreement in order to develop a control system solution, or to deploy a solution you already have developed on Simulink®

These type of services are covered by our custom services programme, generally called by us as “engineering services”.

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