3 – What is the WorkBench® device?

WorkBench® is a roughness system that provides plenty of Input and Output interfaces, each interface is designed to resist severe conditions such shortcircuiting, current limiting, polarity reversal, voltage spikes… in a short term description, is a system designed for survivability. Device power input is also protected against voltage spikes, polarity reversal and current limited.

As well, this system is ideally suited for industrial or academic purposes, due to the provided enhanced reliability.

WorkBench® is generally presented in a plastic case (made in United Kingdom). Metal cases are provided under demand, due to user electromagnetic special requirements, these services are also covered.

Input and output interfaces are presented all in a single face, where the other face provide power input conector and one USB port with dual purposes, flashing the program and Plug&Play communication interface. There is a second USB interface on the peripherals face.

WorkBench® electronic systems composed of power, computational and conditioning signalling ones are designed and manufactured on Spain.

WorkBench® is a certificated product under CE and FCC marks.