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All in one solution.

The definitive Simulink® hardware support package.

First, examine yourself the capabilities on this video, that also illustrates SimMechanics / Multibody support:

High Definition version: MATLAB Simulink SimMechanics / Sim MultiBody support of MS3 Research Beyond Control Blockset

Beyond Control Blockset® is a software solution that comprises measurement, I/O, automated test, Real-Time multitasking and embedded control system development with the benefits of fully compatibility with Matlab® and Simulink®  (requires Embedder Coder® ) that relies on fully autonomous mode operation. Instead other commercial available Simulink® systems and toolboxes, Beyond Control Blockset® is intended for production purposes, as well it can be used for prototyping purposes too.

Test and deploy applications developed on Simulink® as fast as possible.

This requirement leads to an entire software package that includes blocksets to manage all aspects and I/O features of the hardware, interrupts, Real-Time multitasking among others are fully supported. The device low level libraries and drivers are included, the compiler environment is also included in an all in one single package installation. Do not deal with third party compiler environments or manual integration of device drivers, MS3 Research® technologies bring to you all the benefits of an easier to use blocket where a single mouse click generates the source code and project files, compiles it and flashes the resulting binary program into your selected device, that could be the MS3 Research® WorkBench® system or a supported low cost commercially available “components of the shelf” one.

Some examples of Beyond Control Blockset functionalities:

WiFi Access Point support for WorkBench® system:

High Definition version: Industrial IoT Capabilities of MS3 Research WorkBench device

As another big difference with the rest of the market, MS3 Research® software packages guarantees support and availability for current to older MATLAB® and Simulink® versions.

Supported MATLAB® and Simulink® versions are:

  • 32 Bits version: MATLAB®/Simulink® 2011b for Windows to MATLAB®/Simulink® 2015b for Windows
  • 64 Bits version: MATLAB®/Simulink® 2011b for Windows to MATLAB®/Simulink® 2020a for Windows

Supported Hardware Targets are:

  • Workbench® system
  • STM32H743ZI microcontroller