2 – Which functionalities are provided by Beyond Control Blockset®?

Beyond Control Blockset® provides an entire Model Based software development environment for each supported target.

The software comprises an entire Simulink® blockset that enables the usage of all peripherals and multitasking Real Time features, peripherals such CAN Bus, UART, SPI, I2C, analog outputs, analog inputs, PWM signal generation, Encoder inputs… create a new Real Time task… WiFi interface usage and configuration…  and Communication blocks for use in the computer (for Hardware in the Loop ) are provided:

Hardware in the Loop, Simulink, Embedded Coder Target, Software in the Loop


All the generated textual based code ( C language code of the model ) is compiled automatically using the included compiler and driver libraries on Beyond Control Blockset® . User doesn´t need to deal with third party development environment installations, libraries compatibility issues, or incompatibilities due to MATLAB® / Simulink® version mismatch.

The generated C source code from Beyond Control Blockset® is MISRA C compliant. Also the needed project files for the compiler development environment are provided, in case the user needs to examine it, test and debug or accomodate user legacy code:

MS3 Research Ltd., Antonio Flores Caballero, Compiler for WorkBench, Model Based development environment, Hardware in the Loop, Embedded target debug, Embedded Coder, MATLAB, Simulink


Lastly, the automatically compiled binary is flashed, again in an automatically way, into the target ROM memory and executed.

You Simulink® model is being executed in the exactly the same way as you expected, continous time solvers such Runge-Kutta are also supported without requiring user intervention.