4 – What is the Rad-Hard Workbench®?

This is a special revision of the WorkBench® device build based on Radiation Hardened components.

The computational unit is a low cost COTS processor, despite its low cost nature is a powerful processor system that uses an ARM Cortex M7 that includes Double floating point support running at 100 MHz.

The input and output interfaces are the same for the standard industrial and academic WorkBench®

There are two versions of Rad-Hard Workbench®, a version intended for research and development purposes, that is not qualified or radiation hardened proved, but provides the same processor and interfaces of the qualified one for a small fraction of the cost.

And a radiation hardened qualified version, from 100 krad to 300 krad versions, depends upon user needs.

The usage of this Radiation hardened Workbench® version covers from on Earth radiated sites, such waste treatment facilities or to being used as controller for radiation based medical devices. Also, flight qualified model is available for use on space, out of Earth scenarios.