5 – Supported targets

Beyond Control Blockset® hardware support depends upon its version.

Currently Beyond Control Blockset® H7 supports WorkBench® device and STM32H743ZI® microcontroller based boards.

Obviously microcontroller based boards are cheaper option, but lacks many of the WorkBench® interfaces and roughness.

For example a STM32H743ZI® evaluation board provides only 2 analog outputs, and do not resist well shortcircuiting, overvoltage, voltage transients…  WorkBench® device provides 16 roughness analog inputs and 16 roughness analog outputs.

But due to Beyond Control Blockset® is intended for production purposes, the decision on hardware usage depends on user needs; the user can use the blockset for a custom hardware system.


In the case of Beyond Control Blockset® RH the support is intended for Rad-Hard Workbench® and provided peripherals.

The blockset also supports the standalone controller but the difference on the cost is almost negligible between Rad-Hard WorkBench® and evaluation boards, the real high cost in this case is the qualified version of the controller.